Alena Sataeva

Graphic Designer



Alena is a visionary graphic designer and brand identity developer, infusing creativity and innovative thinking into everything she touches. With an unwavering passion for design, she’s committed to carving out a unique and unmistakable identity for Refined, transforming it into a brand that resonates with its audience.

Whether it’s a meticulously crafted booklet or an impactful online ad campaign, Alena approaches every task with precision. She works to convey not just the right message, but the spirit of the brand itself, building trust and forming lasting relationships with clients.

Understanding that great design is never accidental, Alena believes in a process that involves thorough research and continuous exploration. She patiently unravels the threads of creativity until she finds the perfect solution, one that stands out and speaks to the audience. Her hand-drawn artwork, filled with personality and elegance, blends seamlessly into digital designs. From invitations, posters, and logos to every print medium required, she crafts a cohesive and compelling visual language.

Outside of work, Alena’s energy finds expression in her love for volleyball and her dedication to mastering the rhythms of flamenco dance. These interests not only enrich her life but also feed back into her work, adding layers of depth and texture to her creative pursuits.

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